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We understand your condition and know exactly what you need to make your trip a success.

Reduced rates

We offer discounts not available to the general public, including discounts on your treatments.

Better access

We can manage priority access when booking treatments, hotels and flights.

Complete travel packages

We handle every aspect of your trip, from door to door, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting something.

One price

By using A1C Solution, everything will be included, so it will be easier to budget for your trip and you’ll have no unexpected expenses.

Someone to call

With A1C Solution, you will always have someone to turn to when you need help. Without our support you are on your own in a foreign country, possibly with no experience of the local system.

Dr JJ Resa

Dr. J. J. Resa

About A1C Solution, Dr. J. J. Resa, and the philosophy driving our company

A1C Solution was created to help patients from North, Central, and South Americas and the Caribbean to work with a single point of reference for Dr. JJ Resa’s revolutionary metabolic procedure, aimed to weight control and cure type 2 diabetes.


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  • Andre Martins, client
    “I was a diabetic for 8 years. Spent the first 5 years in complete denial, pretending everything was fine. It turns out that I developed peripheral neuropathy and things got scary and complicated. Back then, my A1C was 11.2. Since I started to take pills and insulin, I was able to drop it down to around 8. However, I gained about 40lbs, and it was really hard to fight depression.
    Two months ago, I did the procedure with Dr. JJ Resa. Since then, I stopped taking pills and insulin. A few days ago I did my first lab exam. My A1C has dropped to 6.7, my glucose level is about 110 fasting, and 130 after eating. Everything else came down to normal levels. My primary doctor can’t believe the results in just two months.While I have no expectations of curing my peripheral neuropathy, I am confident that this procedure will stop it from progressing.
    On top of that, I lost about 30lbs in two months, really amazing. Although Dr. JJ Resa told me that from now my weight will drop very slowly, about 20lbs in the next 10 months.
    My only regret is not having it done many years ago, to avoid most of the complications type 2 diabetes caused me. I feel like I was given a second chance to enjoy life…..”
  • Maria Cardello, client

    “Some years ago, I was a person with obesity and diabetes, those where two things that terrified me.
    Because I was physically and mentally ill, I got myself into a terrible depression, which lasted four eternal years.
    Every day I had to check my sugar level and had to adjust the insulin dosage.
    When I got pregnant, it was awful. My diabetes was completely out of control, some days my glucose measured 170, other days 230. During my pregnancy, I had to inject about 143 units of insulin EVERYDAY.
    It has been 3 years since I did Dr. JJ Resa’s surgery. Since then, not a single pill, not one unit of insulin. My glucose level has been excellent. Not only that, but I also lost over 85 lbs. I am super happy, no more depression, I feel like a new woman with joy and zest for life…..”

  • Manuel Angel, client

    “A year ago I operated with Dr. JJ Resa due to my type 2 diabetes A month after the surgery I had already solved my diabetes and never took any other pill or insulin. The change was complete, no more pricking several times a day to check glucose level. In one simple operation, I tackled for problems I had: obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, and snoring…..”

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