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A1C Solution was created to help patients from North, Central, and South Americas and the Caribbean to work with a single point of reference for Dr. JJ Resa’s revolutionary metabolic procedure, aimed to weight control and cure diabetes.
A1C Solution works as a single-point solution for patients interested in taking a major step towards stopping type 2 diabetes on its track.


But where do I need to travel to?


Dr. JJ Resa is a Surgeon that leads the Obesity and Metabolic Laparoscopic Surgery Unit, UCLOM (Unidad de Cirugía Laparoscópica de la Obesidad y Metabolismo), in Zaragoza, Spain.

All procedures are done in Zaragoza (also called Saragossa in English) , Spain.

Zaragoza is famous for its folklore, local gastronomy, and landmarks such as the Basílica del Pilar, La Seo Cathedral and the Aljafería Palace. Together with La Seo and the Aljafería, several other buildings form part of the Mudéjar Architecture of Aragon which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Fiestas del Pilar are among the most celebrated festivals in Spain.

The UCLOM is fully staffed with Endocrinologists, Nutritionists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Endoscopists, Pulmonologists, Plastic Surgeons, Internists, Radiologists, and Anesteshiologists. It also has a Hypertension Unit.

But who is Dr. JJ Resa?

Dr JJ Resa

Born in January 21st, 1964, Dr. José Joaquín Resa Bienzobas has a MD in Surgery from Zaragoza University, with the maximum distintion of “cum laude”.

Dr. JJ Resa is a specialist in digestive system, certified by the Health System of Spain, valid in all European countries.

Dr. JJ Resa defended a tesis titled “Obsesity surgery by vertical glastroplasty”, which won the Doctoral Special Award, in 1996.

Dr. JJ Resa has published many medical papers, books, and magazines. Throghout his career, Dr. JJ Resa has been part of over 150 congresses, has assisted over 100 training meetins and seminars, has received over 25 awards (15 of them related to morbid obesity), and many other contributions to universities and hospitals overseas.

Dr. JJ Resa has studied specialities in Quito, Ecuador (Oncologic Gastric Surgery), Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri (Laparoscopic Surgery Unit), St. Louis Regional Center, St. Louis, Missouri (Colon Surgery), Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri (Laparoscopic Surgery), Doctor’s Hospital, Miami, Florida (Advanced Colon Laparoscopic Surgery), Baptist Hospital, Miami, Florida (Advanced Colon Laparoscopic Surgery).

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